The Surface Mount section of Zeal’s Production process utilises 2 fully automated pick and place machines. With a dedicated team of trained operators a Mycronic MY300LX with a 4K vision system provides the functionality of a system capable of placing up to 18,000 components per hour with an accuracy of placement accuracy of +/- 15um. This meets the requirements for all components including 01005 passives and the ultra-fine pitch/ BGA components.

Surface Mount Assembly

Zeal has two ScanSpection AOI systems at the end of their surface mount line. These machines are programmed for each individual assembly to allow the PCB’s to be inspected for missing, incorrectly fitted or wrong value parts. These machines can also be configured for mixed and through hole technology assemblies and using the comparator program they can compare an approved sample with another assembly to highlight any differences between the two.


If you dont see a service that you require then please contact us as we still may be able to help.
There are still PCB assemblies requiring through hole components, required for robust connectivity, high voltage, certified products or legacy products. Zeal can accomodate all through hole requirements and mixed technology assemblies. We can also advise on production processes to allow assembly to be more cost effective.

Through Hole and General Assembly

Our services range from simple termination and connector assembly, to the production of complex looms and specialist cables. We have a great deal of experience in the following areas :

Cable and Wire Assembly

The variety of work we carry out for customers often displays cost benefits in supplying a comprehensive package of assemblies and components, for use in our customers’ production line assembly or site installation. By controlling the supply chain on behalf of our customers we can offer a single source and control of component delivery.


In order to support our own manufacture of specialist, engraved components, we have extensive computer controlled engraving and plastic milling facilities. In their simplest form we produce many identification labels for the electronics and control industries, in engraved plastic. Such identification systems may include cable ribbon buckles or control panel nomenclature. By incorporating our hot wire bending facilities we can also produce complex shapes such as micro enclosures and covers, cable management and bend control assemblies, interface panels for connector bulkhead population. In many cases the parts are highly customised for duty and identification. In addition to standard typeface engraving, special logos and artwork can easily be incorporated. As per customer requirement we have a dedicated routing machine which allows many proprietary enclosures to be machined to customer specification. This removes the need to outsource to another supplier which helps us control the lead times and quality of the final product.

Engraving, Plastic Fabrication and Hot Wire Bending

We also provide an enclosure assembly service. We can machine off the shelf enclosures to customer specification, manufacture bespoke plastic enclosures or can assist in having enclosures manufactured out of various materials.

Enclosure Builds

As required by some customers, we have the ability and expertease to be able to encapsulate products as required. Our dispensing equipment is setup to dispense a two part mixture of the UR5051 compound in blue.

Encapsulation, Conformal Coating & Laquering

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Further efficiency coupled with a built in redundancy factor have been achieved through having a secondary surface mount line able to run independently or share the load of any large or dual sided assemblies. The pick and place machines are augmented by a 10 zone reflow oven achieving a fully controllable temperature profile (KIC profile and monitoring) for lead free and leaded assemblies, two high performance screen printers and a rework station facility with a x30 magnification to sustain the quality of the product. We also have a BGA rework station with high definition cameras to enable us to efficiently remove and replace any BGA devices. We have a full range of Agilis feeders to a allow better pick rates on all components. This allows the best yield out of any materials either purchased by us or supplied by our customers.
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We also assemble non-PCB assemblies such as battery packs and other electro-mechanical assemblies. We have expertise on bespoke assemblies serving the specialist needs of very largecompanies and the needs of SME's. Full flow soldering, cropping and test facilities, I/C programming, support the assembly operations.
Preformed power, Alarm and control looms for enclosure assembly in the telecommunication and Control industries. Coaxial cable assembly and termination. Precision termination of “D” and miniature “D” connectors, including PCB incorporation into back shells. Ribbon cable assemblies. Specialist balun manufacture. Assembly into cable interface frames.
The enclosures can be supplied unassembed, part or fully assembled with connectors or cables as required. We can also provide a label to your specification with serial numbers, barcodes, qr codes and customer logo’s. We also have experience with 19” rack and control panel assemblies which we have assembled for the railway sector, power stations and the food industry.
Such examples of procurement may include the supply of electronic assemblies, their interconnecting cabling, power wiring, fusing, tooling, and all of the fixings and consumables for final installation at site. Such practices can often save significant installation time and guarantee quality for customers.
We also conformal coat and lacquer PCB’s and other items as requested using various approved products and various applications.
The machines are connected to our company network and a capture of each PCB assembly is stored against the works order and unique serial number for full trace ability. The solderability of the PCB’s are checked using our high magnification inspection equipment.
All cables and looms are fully tested and coded to our customer's requirements and certified before shipment to their manufacturing or installation sites.