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Surface Mount

The MY19 also benefits from having a large feeder capacity to accommodate the various components in market use and with an automated test operation function that can check all passive components and diodes prior to placement.

 Further efficiency coupled with a built in redundancy factor have been achieved through the networking together of two MYDATA machines. Common files are now shared from a server based Database thus reducing the time taken to initialise each machine and allow machine interoperability.

The pick and place machines are augmented by a 10 zone reflow oven achieving a fully controllable temperature profile (KIC profile and monitoring) for lead free and leaded assemblies, two high performance screen printers and a rework station facility with a x30 magnification to sustain the quality of the product. We also have a BGA rework station with high definition cameras to enable us to effeciently remove and replace any BGA devices.

The Surface Mount section of Zeal’s Production process utilise 2 fully automated pick and place machines. With a dedicated team of trained Operators a MYDATA MY19 with HYDRA Speedmount head, a Linescan vision system provide the functionality of a system capable of placing up to 21,000 components per hour with an accuracy of placement accuracy of +/- 15um. This meets the requirements for all components including the 0201 passives and the ultra-fine pitch/ BGA components.

Agilis Feeders

We have a full range of Agilis feeders to a allow better pick rates on all components. This allows the best yield out of any materials either purchased by us or supplied by our customers.

Coming Soon in December 2017 - New Equipment Mycronic MY300

*New Investment* - We have decided to invest in a brand new Mycronic MY300LX with 4K vision system. We feel that the need to have more up to date equipment is important to keep up with the technology of components to allow us to have a precise placement accuracy. This will benefit existing and new customers.

Image © mycronic 2017

Image © mycronic 2017

Along with the MY300 we have also purchased the MYCENTER software to allow us to setup the jobs from customer supplied data. This should enable us to run any job more efficiently, reducing machine times and providing a faster service to our customers.

Image © mycronic 2017

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