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In order to support our own manufacture of specialist, engraved components, we have extensive computer controlled engraving and plastic milling facilities.

In their simplest form we produce many identification labels for the electronics and control industries, in engraved plastic. Such identification systems may include cable ribbon buckles or control panel nomenclature.

By incorporating our hot wire bending facilities we can also produce complex shapes such as micro enclosures and covers, cable management and bend control assemblies, interface panels for connector bulkhead population. In many cases the parts are highly customised for duty and identification. In addition to standard typeface engraving, special logos and artwork can easily be incorporated.

As per customer requirement we have a dedicated routing machine which allows many proprietary enclosures to be machined to customer specification. This removes the need to outsource to another supplier which helps us control the lead times and quality of the final product.

Engraving, Plastic Fabrication and Bending