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solutions for over 30 years.

30 Years of ExpertiseConventional Assembly

Precision, consistency and high quality are features of this service. Many of the assemblies that we work on are for critical applications in the telecommunications field, and remote monitoring. It is therefore essential that our product is reliable in the field. Conventional work includes the assembly of complex electronic, electrical and micro mechanical components. Full testing procedures ensure product is delivered right first time and every time.

We have expertise on the bespoke assemblies serving the specialist needs of very large companies and the needs of SME's. Full flow soldering, cropping and test facilities, I/C programming, support the assembly operations. Many of our customers require full packaging of electronics, with power and controls, into both large and small enclosure systems.

Our services range from simple termination and connector assembly, to the production of complex looms and specialist cables. We have a great deal of experience in the following areas. Preformed power, alarm and control looms for enclosure assembly in the telecommunication and Control industries. Coaxial cable assembly and termination. Precision termination of “D” and miniature “D” connectors, including PCB incorporation into back shells. Fibre Optic cable assembly of patch cords, pigtails in both singlemode and multimode styles. Ribbon cable assemblies. Specialist balun manufacture, and assembly into cable interface frames.

All cables and looms are fully tested and coded to our customer's requirements and certified before shipment to their manufacturing or installation sites.

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