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Zeal Electronics Ltd can provide a fast prototyping service for your development and initial testing requirements. We can supply parts or use customer supplied parts, and work closely with you to ensure the prototypes are assembled correctly, to a high standard and as fast as possible. Our ability to dynamically adjust our production plan allows us to be more flexible for all our customers. As part of our equipment we have a computer controlled prototype machine capable of using Gerber data and making 2 layer PCB’s. The machine can also apply solder paste to boards and is able to reflow components. (Maximum area is 128mm x 105mm). This is useful to create quick PCB’s to test an idea and also apply solder paste to small batches to avoid stencil costs.
Prototyping & Development
We can also assist with making designs and ideas into products incorporating the following attributes: Internal and Contracted designers with over 50 years experience. Easy-PC design software. Gerber viewer and Edit software. Small production runs, placed by hand or by dedicated machine